Love songs, romantic novels, and visually appealing scenes in movies and TV shows, have always done a more than efficient job of presenting lovemaking as a mixed bag of sleek moves, pickup lines, laughs, giggles, and sweat. However, while they’re right about all of that, they conveniently forget to mention the things that happen to your body AFTER sex. Don’t you worry a bit though! The things about to be mentioned here are completely normal and natural. We’re just picking up where they left off by educating you about the things that happen after you and your partner are done doing it. So, without wasting time, let’s take a look at what happens to your body after sex.

Hunger games

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Feeling like you could eat a 7-course meal after intercourse is perfectly normal. This isn’t specific to any gender nor is there a scientifically proven reason behind it. It’s just one of the rather good side effects of a healthy lovemaking session. So, worry not and grab a romantic meal in bed with your partner after the both of you are done horsing around. 

Your bladder plays spoilsport

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Guys, you’ve probably experienced the urge to hit the loo immediately after you’re done hitting the sheets at some point. Once again this is perfectly normal as your body releases a combination of oxytocin and prolactin after ejaculation, which may stimulate your kidney, resulting in the need to pee. However, some guys may find it tough to pee after sex due to their erection not fully subsiding. The best thing to do is let it all out before going back to bed and going with the flow with your partner. 

Mood swings galore

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Now there are two sides to this. You either feel really happy or really moody after doing it with your partner. The moody feeling, which is referred to as post-coital tristesse, is perfectly normal and has no apparent reason. So, don’t worry, it shall pass soon. The happy feeling, on the other hand, is caused due to the release of endorphins, serotonins and oxytocin – the ‘happy hormones’, which cause that relaxed and stress-free feeling.

Bloody hell!

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Girls, don’t be alarmed if you see a spot of blood on the sheet after you’re done making love to your partner. It’s most likely due to an inflamed cervix or a vaginal tear, the stains of which are bright red, after some rough sex with your other half. Our range of lubricants can be put to great use here. However, if it persists and you feel that the blood is a bit darker, please visit a gynaecologist at the earliest.  


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A long and fruitful lovemaking session can be tiring at times, so don’t be surprised if you feel like nodding off after doing it. Guys will feel a lot sleepier after coitus due to ejaculation causing the release of hormone prolactin, which can bring about sleepiness. 

Changing lady parts

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Girls, if it’s your first time, don’t be alarmed if your breasts and nipples ache after sex as that’s completely a part of the process. The pain will eventually subside and your breasts will permanently feel firmer after a few days. The change might feel overwhelming at first, but like other things, it’ll soon feel just as normal as anything. 

This, boys and girls, is where we conclude our article. We’d like to sign off by assuring you that changes like these are completely normal. Remember, discomfort is temporary but pleasure and love is permanent. So, embrace these changes just like you’d embrace your partner under the sheets. And no matter how many changes you go through, a condom (we’ve got a wide range of them) should be a constant. Until the next time 😊