Whoever said that power couples are only found on Page 3 is clearly not on the same page with reality. I mean celebs are, at the end of the day, just plain people and if their world can have power couples SO CAN OURS! And how can you become a power couple you ask? Well the answer doesn’t lie in going to the gym together or lip-syncing Kanye West’s Power or Stronger as a couple. The answer, my lovelies, is love – pure and simple! Love is what makes the best power couples in the world power through obstacles and set relationship goals for everyone. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the signs of a power couple.

You’re famous in social circles

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Like we said before, you guys don’t have to be celebs to be a power couple. If you and your partner get along like a house on fire, then the both of you are bound to become a hot topic in social circles. Don’t be surprised if complete strangers give you knowing glances.

Both of you are close yet not clingy

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The both of you are inseparable and can’t get your hands off each other in a crowd, yet aren’t stuck together like glue. The main reason why power couples get the most out of their relationship is due to their ability to give each other space yet remain as thick as thieves. Once you nail that, you have yourself a relationship that’ll stick.

Healthy competition is encouraged

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A couple at odds with each other is never a good sign, or is it? If the competition in terms of work or even other areas like studies, cooking, gaming etc, is healthy, then it’s a wealthy relationship you share. A true power couple wishes well for each other and never lets superiority or dominance get between them. 

You’re compared with other power couples

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In this case, the relationship with you and your other half is so strong that everyone not only supports you but also compares you to other famous power couples like Kimye or Posh & Becks. PS: Hopefully you and your partner will end up with a much cooler nickname!

You guys coordinate to the t

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What better way to show the world that you’re in sync with your other half than to flaunt your unique connection and love loudly and proudly. Whether it’s matching outfits, identical tattoos or similar accessories, there are numerous ways to show the world that you’ve met your match.

Time is never an issue

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Here’s where other couples fail but power couples succeed. Withstanding the test of time is a challenge for any relationship, but power couples not only overcome it but also master it. Their ability to stay away from each other for prolonged periods without their relationship taking a hit is what makes a couple a power couple.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is where we conclude our article. Remember, being a power couple isn’t rocket science, and you and your other half could totally join the power club. We’ll be rooting for you. As always, let nothing come between you powerful peeps…except KS! Until the next time blush.