Tips to massage your way to nirvana.
Massages are used for healing, relaxing, and tuning the body and is also a powerful means of arousing the body! An evening spent massaging each others' bodies can turn out to be quite an event, provided of course, both of you are willing partners in the game. And yes, don't be afraid of experimenting and touching the part of the body that can give you maximum pleasure. Of course, as all things in life, build it up slow and steady. A mere oiling of the body followed by sex is not half as pleasurable as the teasing and the anticipation of the final act. Here are some massaging tips to awaken your body to hidden desires:

Face down: When in the mood, start with a shoulder press. Ask your lover to lie down on his/her tummy while you sit atop and press his/her shoulders. Avoid putting pressure on the spine. The idea here is to loosen up the body, to relax and enjoy your partner's hands on you. Use your finger pads to exert pressure. But goodness sake, don't dig your fingernails into the body!

Rake touch: Having relaxed your partner's muscles you can now proceed to rake your fingers up and down the torso. Not with nails, please! Only finger pads, soft but firm. This would release the tension in the nerves and would further loosen up the body.

Back massage: After the shoulders move down to the lower back kneading and palming the body as you go along. Again, be careful about not digging into the body. Instead, slide your palms, and knead the skin and muscles gently. Try to do it slowly and rhythmically. Use more oil if you think the skin of your partner and your hands require it. Lower back in men and shoulder in women contain the erogenous zones that excite the body. For women during pre-menstrual period a lower back massage can go a long way in getting rid of the tense muscles. While massaging this area, take special care of the sacrum - this is the triangular area between buttocks and the spine - very sensitive and responsive to touch. Lightly massage the area using small and circular strokes as you move lower to buttocks and the upper thighs.

Thigh might: Upper thighs are usually a major turn on. This is where you are bound to find yourself distracted. Follow your mood and the partner's pulse to explore this area slowly. It is all right at this stage to turn your partner over and give his/her genitals a gentle kneading. Remember to keep your hands well lubricated with water-based lubricants.

Sexual Energy Release Points, Neck and Ears: Encourage your lover to breathe in a deep and relaxing manner as you gently massage his or her neck, making small circles over the release points on the upper neck and about halfway up the ears. Now is a really good time to let the kissing begin. Remember, too, that a woman's breasts are highly charged with erotic energy and can create a dramatic arousal response when massaged or caressed.