For men, women are very difficult to understand. Most of the times, they do not get what’s going on in her mind; but it’s not that difficult as well. It just takes some more efforts and it’s easy to know what’s happening in that sweet mind.

The best time to do this is this amazing romantic weather. Monsoon is here and so is the season of love. Love is in the air. Young couples are having their first time sex, and a lot of people become quite more active in exploring their selves.

This is the perfect time to stun your girl with all the might and satisfy her in a way that she feels happy that she chose you. Well, before you start thinking that you are an all charmer and you can get anyone laid, know that female orgasm is a lot more difficult to achieve than the male.

Now when monsoon is here you have 10x better chances of actually impressing your girl.

Down below are some tips that you can use to make your monsoon a lot hotter and your girl a lot happier:

The ice challenge.

Unlike the ASL ice bucket challenge, this is just an ice challenge. When the climate is cold outside, take the ice all over her body, and we assure that this will generate a lot of hotness in her body and that female orgasm you’ve been craving for.

The garden challenge.

If you are privileged enough to have a house for yourself that has a backyard, use it to the fullest. You have no idea how hot can open air session be.

The long drive

When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, take out your car from the garage and take your girl for a long drive to the exteriors of the city. For all you know, the climate will make you guys end up on the backseat.

If you are having first time sex or are pretty experienced at it, it is still going to help you a lot. These tips will surely give you some great results, that our word.