The pleasure of having sex 
In life, what you need to do each minute and each second, is to explore, to enjoy. Though this may sound a little like a narcissist but who doesn’t like a little bit of attention, a little bit of vanity and a little bit of admiration? Having said that, one always tries to find different modes and mediums in the pursuit of pleasure. Sex too like other things that satisfies oneself falls under it. 

Virginity is a state of mind  
Virginity as a concept has always been a little sensitive issue to address yet everybody today feels that it is a just a state of mind rather than a phase of body. When having sex for the first time, one must remember the repercussions of the action, by that we mean physical and psychological changes that will naturally come out in form of reactions. You will lose your virginity to express how much you love your partner but you may also carry that first experience with you to another time when you share your bed and yourself. For some this experience becomes so crucial that they start benchmarking it on performance index. 

Sex is not to be benchmarked on a performance index 
Sex or rather making love is more of an expression than a race wherein you compete with your mates on number of orgasms you gave or had! When having sex for the first time, try talking it all out and make sure you share your bed with someone with whom you share a strong rapport or connect.

The pain of having the sex for the first time 
Having sex for the first time can be a little painful, as the body is not used to that kind of pressure, not the privates at least, unless you are an athlete. Make sure that you share all your inhibitions with your partner and start your journey of senses with a cuddle and then move on to fondling. Use proper protection and start it slow. Don’t explore much till the time your body gets used to your partners’. 

Hesitancy when having sex for the first time
The only glitch that you may face would be that of self-doubt. It’s absolutely natural to have the fear of the unknown. But the fear must not override the desire and the will to explore the power of senses. If you are not sure how you would be able to make love, we suggest you make out a little with your partner for a few days and let the bodies become comfortable. Once that is done you can easily take it to a penetrative sex. Let us know how did you kill that fear when you had sex for the first time.