We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Sex is a beautiful thing and of the purest forms of expression ever known. You’re naked yet invulnerable; you’re at your least, yet at your best. You say little, yet your body speaks volumes to both you and the person you love. Now, isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that pure poetry set in motion? However, sex exposes a lot more than your body in its purest form, and can reveal signs that could prove to be a defining factor in the relationship you share with your partner. The signs, of course, are many, but we’ve done our best to list out the most telling ones for you. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the red flags to look out for during sex.


Body shaming 

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Remember, your body is a temple – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Body shaming is just nasty and has no place in the art of making love. If a person can’t respect the way you are during sex or otherwise, they don’t deserve you. In this case, we recommend the ‘pull out method’. If a person disrespects your beautiful body even in the slightest way while making love, pull out of a relationship with them for good.  


Selective politeness

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Ever noticed your partner being vague during most of your interactions, but as sweet as sugar before or while indulging in sex? Coincidence? We think not! This is a classic sign of them sticking to you because of libido and not love. So if your partner’s bedroom manners are on point and their manners in other areas are on the downside, you have some serious considering to do. 



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Everyone loves trying new things in the bedroom. It’s the ultimate pleasure to explore uncharted waters with your partner and emerging even ‘wetter’ than usual. However, if that exploring becomes a bit one sided and your partner is unwilling to try out things you love and focuses only on fulfilling their fantasies then you’ve got a problem not just on your hands.


Ignoring boundaries

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While trying out new things in the bedroom is great, it’s totally okay if you feel like drawing the line at times. What’s not okay is your partner not respecting your boundaries or even forcing you to do something you’re not comfortable trying yet. If you feel a boundary issue cropping up, then it’s time to take a stand and sit your partner down for a long talk.


Lack of creativity

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Creativity is one of the most enjoyable things in the bedroom, but if you see yourself doing all the work while your partner is lazy or even disinterested then there’s an issue. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that your partner has lost interest in you. Something could simply be on their mind that needs to be sorted out with a little help from you. A good heart to heart is recommended in this case.  


Zero eye contact

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Avoiding eye contact during sex is a classic sign of unfaithfulness and guilt. However, don’t send your alarm bells into overdrive. Again, talking is the best medicine in this case, and a meaningful sitdown with your partner could go a long way.

This, ladies and gentlemen is where we sign off. Don’t worry, a few red flags do not mean you show the white flag to a relationship for ages. However, they’re really useful when it comes to finding out if your partner is in you without being into you. As always, don’t forget that unprotected sex raises the biggest red flag out there. So, stay in the green with KS. Until next time smiley.