It's one of the most pleasurable sexual acts. It’s also one of the least discussed. This has led to many myths and misconceptions. So, it’s time for KamaSutra to clear the air about Oral Sex.

Myth 1: While having oral sex, you can lose your virginity.
Fact: Virginity can be lost only if and when physical penetration occurs. As there is no contact between the sexual organs during oral sex, virginity cannot be lost. 

Myth 2: You can’t experience an orgasm from oral sex.
Fact: Most people think oral sex is just an act of foreplay. But that’s not true. Both partners can experience arousal and enjoy climaxing and achieving an orgasm. Research has shown that women experience orgasms easier through oral sex than vaginal sex. 

Myth 3: You can get pregnant by having oral sex.
Fact: There is no contact between the male sperms and female eggs during oral sex. Even if the sperm is swallowed, there is no chance of becoming pregnant. 

Myth 4: Oral sex is always unhygienic
Fact: Many people feel that the act of oral sex is unclean. However, hygiene completely depends on the cleanliness habits of both partners. Of course, if you are feeling sweaty after a long day, it is better to have a wash and freshen up before engaging in oral sex.

Myth 5: Oral sex is completely safe
Fact: This is one of the biggest myths about oral sex. That it is a foolproof way of avoiding various Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The truth is that there is an exchange of body fluids during oral sex, so there are high chances of transmitting diseases like herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, etc. That is why it is better to engage in ‘protected’ oral sex.

Myth 6: While giving or receiving oral sex, condoms can’t be used.
Fact: The reason flavoured condoms exist is because they can be used for oral sex. Not all partners enjoy the feeling of semen in the mouth. The act of ejaculation can get messy too. Using a condom helps prevent the transfer of STIs too. And, the different flavours enhance the experience.