Hello guys! We’re back! With an article every woman is going to thank us for. No, no. We aren’t giving sex tips like always. This article is for all the men who fail to give women what they really want. We have already spoken about the importance of foreplay. Now, let’s talk about after-play, something that connects you emotionally to your partner.


Cuddle Up – Yes, we know that you guys think of cuddling like the trailer before a movie. And don’t see the point in watching the trailer once the movie is over. But boys, if you don’t do so, then there are chances you will be pretty much watching the movie, alone! So, show your partner how much you care with a little caress.


Have a conversation – You could talk about sweet nothings or have deep meaningful discussions. Just avoid topics that could cause tension. Let this be a moment of togetherness where you enjoy the little things and wonderful moments of just sleeping besides each other. You could even play some soothing music and hold hands while you’re in bed.


Compliment her – This could actually work both ways. The girls could get men to happily stay in bed, because we all know how guys love to hear about their performance. So, recall some details that you particularly enjoyed and let him know. And guys, you too could tell your girl how beautiful she looked. Thank her for the amazing time you had. This conversation will definitely make your next night truly memorable.


Don’t abandon her – Every woman complains about how guys suddenly want their own space after sex. About how they like to be by themselves. This comes across as rude and disrespectful. Make her feel like you did not use her as a sex object. Let her know that you are interested in her as a person, not just in bed. A little eye contact, few hugs, and some soft kisses after your lovemaking session will win you the points no sex moves could have.


Spend time together – DO NOT touch your phone or gadget while she’s still next to you. Don’t go for the remote and start watching TV, giving her the feeling that your “mission was accomplished” and you don’t need her anymore. If you have the energy, you could both cook a meal together, watch a movie, or just go for a shower. And who knows, it might lead to another round of fun if you’re lucky.


Don’t turn backs – Now that you both have spent such intimate moments together, cherish them. Don’t turn your backs and fall asleep. Talk, laugh, lie naked. Tell her how much you love her. Afterplay will make your bond stronger. In fact, good foreplay, amazing sex and enough afterplay come together to make the perfect recipe for a healthy sexual relationship.


Think of it this way. When we talk about knowing the ABC of sex, remember that A stands for ‘Afterplay’. So, if you follow these basics, you’re giving your lady love the best gift she could ever want. Now try them out. And get ready for the most amazing sex. Because you’re in for a treat you will never forget.