Hello boys! For all those of you who don’t know how to give your partner the ultimate pleasure in bed, this article could be your saviour. So let’s get to it. To begin with, there are orgasms, and then there are Oh-My-God-Hold-It-Right-There orgasms. To help her achieve the latter, keep the following tips in mind and it’ll definitely turn into a night to remember. For both of you.

Firstly, give importance to foreplay. We cannot stress this point enough. We understand that guys are excited about reaching the end, but this is not a race. Don’t be in a hurry to dive in and cross the finish line. Consider foreplay as a warm up before your main workout. A little investment here, and the returns will be beyond imagination.

Start with a little hugging, caressing and teasing. They can take you a long way. Move on to a few soft kisses on her earlobes and neck. Some gentle stroking on her spine. And it will make her tingle and heighten her sexual feelings. With every small move of yours, peel off a piece of clothing. The excitement in her body will keep building as your fingers gently slide down her hands and body. Brush your lips from her collarbone to her neck and give some generous warm kisses all over her body until she’s completely immersed in the experience. Tease, caress, take your time and she’ll have surrendered in no time. No woman out there is looking for an aggressive touch. So tie up the animal in you and unleash it only once she’s there.

Now, how to get her there? Use your trump card. The cheat code for the ultimate orgasm - the C spot. No matter what you’ve done so far, no woman can orgasm until her clitoris is stimulated. That doesn’t mean that you directly pounce at your target. Once again, take it easy and patiently and enjoy the journey. Gently explore the way till you find the exact spot. And once you do, stimulate her in a circular motion. Her inviting body language and increasingly louder moans will guide you further. You’ve got to be Sherlock Holmes and investigate all her clues to see if you’re doing it right. And if done right, this action will drive her wild!

You must be wondering why you should spend so much time to get into the sheets. The main reason is that women take longer to reach an orgasm as compared to men. Therefore, you guys have got to build it up for them. You might even have to hold onto yours until she catches up. But we assure you, it will all be worth the wait.

In fact, there are a few sex positions that give women immense pleasure and make them achieve their “Big O”. The Doggie Style, Missionary, Spooning and most importantly Cow Girl. Cow Girl is one such position where the girl is on the top with all the control. She can move as fast or slow as she likes, which leaves less of guess work for you to do. And the best part of this position is that you will have easy access to her clitoris, so your fingers could help her get there faster too. One of the best ways to enjoy yourself and help her reach an incredible orgasm is probably using the KamaSutra LongLast condom. It’s perfect because both you and your partner will eventually be in sync. And be safe at the same time.

So try these techniques and watch your girl enjoy the best climax. Orgasm, here we come!