Fun facts about sex

What is sex all about? 
In today’s busy life all that we understand and relate to is more pleasure in less time. But we forget that way to holistic living is knowing it all and practising it better. We all know what sex is but are we aware that there are more fun sex facts that will lead to a healthy life? Read on

Sex helps in toning 
Often missed your gym or yoga routine? Don’t worry we suggest you have sex in case you have missed exercises. Sex leads to burn approximately 80-150 calories and it also makes your muscles look leaner and toned. There’s no other better cardio than sex! Sex also increases heart rate and blood flow. 

Sex leads to a better night’s sleep and lesser head aches  
Sex is an expression of intimacy, of love. The activity of sex releases a hormone called oxytocin especially during an orgasm. This hormone leads to a sound sleep and better life. In addition, release of oxytocin leads to increased endorphins that decreases pain like muscle ache, headache etc. Thus, sex acts as a pain killer. 
Sex leads to immunity
We are all fine-tuned to reproduce and wired to have sex. Studies also say that those who have sex thrice a week at least produce a voluntary called antigen called IgA, found in mucous linings that fights against cold, flus, fever, stress and anxiety. They act as a primary defendants before the antibodies come in to play Apart from healthy heart, lower blood pressure, strengthening of muscles, a healthy sex pattern also reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Having sex reduces risks of angina and ulcers 
It has also been found out that a stable and fulfilling relationship leads to a happy you. A strong emotional and social support also saves you from phenomena like repressed anger and retaliation. A good amount of activity and controlled blood pressure can prevent angina and sex is one such activity that would help. And if you have angina just make sure you take a GTN if there’s a doubt that you won’t be able to take the pain. The National Centre of Biotechnology Information states that female hormones accelerate healing of existing ulcers. Tell us what are the health benefits that you have experienced following a healthy sex routine?