We’ve all heard that men can’t stop thinking about sex. However, you would be surprised to know what women are thinking when it comes to sex. Yes! They might appear sweet and innocent, but you don’t know if they are dying to be tied up and spanked. Women probably have the same fantasies as men do. But they won’t admit that easily. Here are some of the fantasies that women have:

  1. S & M

    ‘50 Shades of Grey’ wasn’t a hit for nothing. Women love the idea of being tied up and played with. Some of them like feeling helpless but at the same time secure and safe. They fancy this not to get hurt or whipped. But the idea of being turned on while the guy is playing with her most sensitive areas and she can’t do anything about it. And your cue is that you will hear it if she likes it. The thought of the guy going down her body with his lips while she can’t move, itself will make her toes curl. And believe me; when you untie her, you’re definitely in for the wildest treat. ;)

  2. Girl on Girl

    I’m sure you’re happy to hear that your biggest fantasy is hers too. But no, this does not mean that she’s a lesbian or bisexual. It is every girl’s fantasy to be in bed at least once with another girl whose body is as sizzling as a Victoria’s Secret model’s would be. While women love the 6 packs men have and love it when they get hard, women also love the soft and smooth touch of other women brushing against them. A girl knows the perfect spot to please herself. And being with another girl makes her get that orgasm just right.

  3. Video Taping it

    Yes boys! You got that right. While most of you think that if you ever ask her this, she might think of you as a pervert. But a woman fantasizes about recoding herself having sex with her boyfriend or husband and watching it together with him. After all, what’s more turning on than being the star cast, director and the audience. But make sure, you ask her before setting up your cameras to create your own little porno.

  4. Role Play

    What do you think? Only you guys like enactments? Just like every guy wants his girl to dress like Princess Leia in the golden bikini, women too might have something in mind. All you’ve got to do is find out what your girl’s dream fantasy is. Make sure you have this conversation only when you are extremely comfortable with each other. You don’t want to rush into ruining a perfect relationship. Once she agrees, I assure you that the excitement will be amplified for both.

  5. Threesome

    Yup, that’s not something that just you dream about. Your girl too has it in mind. But it might take a lotttt to get it out of her. While women wouldn’t mind having a girl as the third person, the idea of two boys fighting for her body is a greater turn on. Girls like it when every part of their body is given attention. And it’s just perfect when the men are two gorgeous strangers. No names exchanged, no strings attached. Just 1 night of pure fun that checks something off her bucket list. And while this is one of her hottest bedroom fantasies, it might not just be restricted to the bedroom if you know what I mean ;)

    So guys, this was a little sneak peek into girls’ minds. So while you fulfill any of her naughty desires, make sure you use the Kamasutra condom to be safe and stress-free while you enjoy these wild times with your partner. Good luck!