Hey guys, we hope you’ve been watching the ongoing World Cup, which has been AMAZING, so much so that our latest piece is inspired by it. This ultra-thrilling World Cup has been one of many news and firsts. New heroes have risen, new records have been broken, new technology has been introduced in the form of VAR (Video Assistant Referee), and new favourites have emerged as potential World Cup winners. So, taking inspiration from the events of this World Cup, here’s presenting some tips on lovemaking firsts. Try something new with your partner in bed and trust us, they’ll love it. Do it so well that they’ll never forget their first time or the first time they tried something new with you. So, without further ado, let the experimenting games begin!

Do it in a different room

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There’s no place like your bedroom when it comes to hitting the sheets. But why not step out of your comfort zone and set the tone for lovemaking in another room of your pad? Perhaps the living room or kitchen (maybe you can whip up some awesome ‘dessert’ while you’re in there). The change might take some getting used to, but when you’re all settled in, the lovemaking’s going to be awesome. 

Let the roleplaying begin

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Making love to a sexy cop, fireman or maybe even a pizza delivery person for the very first time isn’t awkward at all – if they’re all characters played by your partner, that is. Roleplaying is playful, roleplaying is fun and is a great way to break down the walls of awkwardness. So, the next time you’re on a roll under the sheets, we hope it’s from a bit of roleplaying.

Double the oral

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Never underestimate the power of great oral sex. Everybody loves their partner going down on them, and if you integrate some good ol’ fashioned oral into your regular lovemaking routine then you won’t be doing much wrong. Plus, oral sex is the perfect tone setter for the rest of your lovemaking experience. 

Go at it on different surfaces

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By now, we’re sure you’re an expert at making the bed rock, so why not develop your ‘expertise’ by going at it with your partner on new surfaces like table tops, your kitchen counter, the washing machine or any other type of furniture/household concoction. Pleasure will surely surface between you and your partner.

Try a completely new position

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If you’re a new couple, experimenting with different positions can be a great ice and awkwardness breaker. If you are seasoned lovers, experimenting will only help spice things up! In either case, receiving pleasure in a whole new way sounds extremely exciting, doesn’t it?

Bring out the toys

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Whoever said toys are just for kids mustn’t have known how sexy a pair of kinky handcuffs or a g-spot vibrator can be. So, bring out those toys by the numbers and enjoy some awesome ‘playtime’ with your partner.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is where we sign off. Once again, always use a condom when you get down to ‘experimenting’, and maybe try out some different variants like our ribbed and dotted condoms to get into the groove. Until the next time 😊.