It is said the first kiss can tell you a lot about your relationship. Hey, how hard is it to lip-lock? You see it in the movies, in your favourite TV series, or you see your friends in love share a nice moment. With a little research, you can discover the joy of kissing your mate.

Fret not, we have collected a few cardinal rules of kissing.

In random order, let’s make you an expert kisser.

1) Remain calm and ease off those nerves.

Don’t worry he is equally nervous and excited to kiss you. Kissing is natural.  One easy way, is to repeat positive thoughts in your head, it releases happy emotions throughout your body. Embrace the excitement that comes with kiss and be mindful of what is going to happen.

2) Close your eyes.

Well that’s right. It’s romantic to look at each other and make eye contact, but when lip-locked make sure your eyes are closed shut. Kissing when eyes closed makes you feel less vulnerable and self conscious. Don’t be like a fish and stare into abyss, he wants a passionate kisser, not someone sucking off his face.

3)Think about why you want to kiss him.

What qualities attracted him towards you? Think of the many reasons filling your mind. You found him funny and easily get along with people.  He is the first thing you think of when you’re up in the morning and last one before your head hits the pillow.

4) Dental hygiene is very important.

You’ve might have had a splendid and romantic dinner date, but before end the night with a passionate kiss make sure both of you observe proper dental etiquettes. Brush and floss your teeth, smell good and enjoy a minty fresh kiss goodnight. It will work like a charm.

5) Hit the right spot when kissing him.

Kiss him on the nape of his neck. Kiss him on ear and gently suck on his earlobe and whisper something naughty in his ears. It will guarantee you brownie points in his books.


1) Don’t try too hard.

Kisses and kissing should be natural. Don’t make him regret it. You might fumble a bit in the beginning but let it ease through. He doesn’t want a fantastic kisser instead make it a memorable one.

2) Don’t guide him.

Men are designed to be more self conscious than the women. If something is bothering you when he French kisses you, don’t help him. Talk it over and offer suggestions next time you decide to lip lock. Best way to soothe his ego.

3) Too much tongue is not good.

We all like to experiment when kissing our partner. But remember not to go tongue crazy on him. Tease him or be playful with it. It’s your tongue after all, not a shovel.

4) Cotton mouth syndrome.

Your saliva is the best natural lubricant out there. If you feel that your mouth is a bit dry, have a glass of water. If not, you will end up having your mouths stuck together. It’s a sore and painful position to be in.

5) Beaver teeth.

A big turn off is you grinding your pearls against his. Make use of your lips and tongue. Your teeth acts like the cog in the wheel. Nobody wants a horror show.


There you go! Simple rules you need to keep in mind when kissing the one you love.