The words “Congrats! You’re pregnant!” are usually only good news if you were planning your pregnancy. While children can be one of the loveliest joys in your life, you may not be ready to become a parent at that time. So, if you’re still only interested in playing in bed but only with your partner, what can you do? Use birth control of course!
There’s a wide range of birth control options available. But it can get very confusing for you to choose the right one. Read on to clear your doubts and become educated about your choices.
Sterilisation – This is a permanent method of birth control, normally chosen by couples who do not want any more children. With this method, the woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked, preventing pregnancy. And if women do not want to go through it, then men can opt for a Vasectomy. In this procedure, the vas tubes in men are blocked, thus sterilizing them forever. As the process is usually irreversible, couples or individuals need to be absolutely sure about their decisions.
Intrauterine Device (IUD) – One of the most common options available, where a T-shaped instrument is inserted in the uterus, preventing sperms from entering the egg. You get to choose between different types of IUDs which keep you protected for 3 years, 5 years or even as-long-as 12 years. But the Copper T is most popular amongst Indian women.
Pill – This works as the most convenient measure of contraception for women. There are two types of pills. One is a precautionary pill which you take every day. And the other is an emergency one which you should take closest to the hour you have sex. The safe hours to have the pill depends on the brand you choose.
NuvaRing – This birth control measure is as simple as putting in a tampon. You insert it for 3 weeks and remove it for one week after that. Your period cycle will resume once you remove the ring. Don’t forget to put on a new one, once the fourth week is over.
Injection – This keeps you safe for a span of 3 months. The hormone in the injection released in your body is Progestin, which helps stop ovaries from releasing eggs. It also works by making the cervical mucus thicker so that sperms can’t get through.
Condom – This is by far the most popular and easy option. The male condom is the ideal contraceptive that not only helps you avoid pregnancy, but also enhances pleasure. This barrier method collects the semen and does not let it enter the vagina.
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While we hope that this article was helpful, we also hope that you will still book your appointment with your gynaecologist to discuss the suitable options for you. Depending on whether you are newly married, already a mother, or wanting to be one in future, your options will vary. Also, the percentage of effectiveness will depend on the way you use it. So it’s necessary for you to weigh your options before you pick the right one.