Okay, let’s set the record straight, we aren’t going to talk about folding the sheets of your bed and adjusting your pillow after a good night’s sleep. We aren’t even going to recommend some decent sleeping positions so that you don’t disturb your partner simply because that’s not the kind of positions we’re into. However, this piece is about the check boxes you absolutely must tick in bed before getting busy. Before orgasms and foreplay comes good bed manners, which not only makes the lovemaking pleasurable but also more comfortable for your partner. So, if you have any bad bed manners, let’s help you put them to bed.


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Let’s set protection aside for a minute and focus on consent. Sex is a beautiful act and should result in nothing but happiness and pleasure, and most importantly, should be an indulgence that both parties agree to. Any act that differs from the above isn’t lovemaking by a long shot. So, when you get in bed with your partner, make sure they’re in line with things too.

Hygiene first

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Yes, some people like it sweaty, but we’re pretty sure that everyone hates it dirty, or more specifically, unhygienic! So, make sure you cut your nails, trim your hair, bathe and whatever else you got to do before you get into it. Once you’re clean, there’ll surely be a sparkle to your lovemaking.

Go at it easy

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Yes, you’ve probably seen movies and ‘other films’ of folks going at it hard, but real life isn’t the same as reel life. Your partner might like it rough, but make sure you don’t go at them like a tornado. So go a bit easy peasy at first before getting breezy under the sheets.

Phones away

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That annoying cell phone ringtone of yours can ruin the tone of an amazing lovemaking experience. What on earth could be more important than making love to your amazing partner? Certainly not a call from your boss or colleague. Your phone’s a smart one, shouldn’t its owner be the same? So, keep that thing on silent while you let your bed make the noise. 

Indulge your partner

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Sex is a two-way experience, so being selfish isn’t going to do anybody any favours. If your partner wants to take it slow, oblige. If your partner feels that it’s time to bring something new to the table, indulge! Get the picture? Now paint a beautiful one!

Respect boundaries

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Again, lovemaking is a game of two and it’s okay if your partner has some restrictions when it comes to how far they want to go. If they aren’t comfortable with experimenting or nervous about something, respect their feelings and refrain from getting pushy. Egging your partner into doing things they aren’t comfortable with yet is not only unfair but also unpleasant. So, in the spirit of lovemaking, keep things pleasurable.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is where we sign off. Here’s hoping you rock these bed manners while you’re busy making the bed rock. It’ll be a short while before we’re back, but trust us, it’ll be worth the wait. Until the next time 😊.